One Bad Apple Doesn’t Spoil the Bunch

As a cops daughter, it is increasingly infuriating hearing all of these people express their very unfavorable opinions about police officers, especially people in my generation. There will always be a few bad apples in the bunch. But to generalize and demonize the entire police force, literally all across America, is disgusting and wrong. Everyone has something horrible to say about police officers, until the day comes that they need them. But day in and day out these men and women in uniform leave their families at home, and put their lives at risk to protect everyone, even the ungrateful. Police officers are hardly ever treated with respect, and that makes their job much harder than it needs to be. For almost 20 years my father has gone to work, sometimes to be put in very dangerous situations, to protect the very people that have only horrible things to say about cops. Yet he still does it, day in, day out. Seeing all of the media and the highly opinionated and let’s be honest, often ignorant civilians saying cops are murderers, evil, and unneeded makes me sick. Because who are they going to call when they need help? My father, and all of the uniformed men and women like him. Police officers lay their lives on the line for all walks of life, and they work a truly thankless job. It is hard to see the demonization of every police officer from just a few bad apples. It is hard to know my father goes to work every day, and puts his safety at risk for people who write Facebook statuses about how much they “hate pigs.” As a cops daughter I want more people to realize that these men and women have families, and they leave them at home to protect and serve the entire public, no matter what you have to say about them. Thank a police officer. Make their job easier, not harder. And think about what you say because you never know when the day comes that you will need the help of one of those officers you claim to despise so much. Just a piece of my mind. I’m grateful for my father and every other officer who makes it their duty to protect and serve everyone, day after day, with virtually no appreciation.

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