In the midst of the Paris attacks, President Obama’s blatant denial and/or ignorance about the threat that ISIS imposes on the American people, and our country’s own economic situation, why has he made the decision to allow tens of thousands of Syrian refugees to enter our country? Given that there are roughly 50,000 homeless veterans who fought for the freedom of our country who have no assurance of where their next meal will come from, how do refugees from another country become priority? It’s very clear that America cannot even economically assist those who are truly deserving of government assistance, veterans being at the top of the list. Rather we have people on food stamps who drive very nice 2015 models of cars, always have the latest iPhone, clearly abusing the system that is meant to help those who temporarily and truly are down and out. Where will these refugees be housed? Who will pay for their healthcare? Who will feed them? Who will provide them financial assistance being as I’m sure the vast majority have not a penny to their name. On top of those issues, there is no way that America has the time or the manpower to screen every single refugee that steps foot on US soil, greatly increasing the possibility that we are welcoming jihadists with open arms. At least one of the Paris attackers was accepted into Europe in October as a Syrian “refugee.” Don’t get me wrong, there are many Syrians who are out of homes, needing to flee their country. But there are countless ways that we can help as the world’s leading nation without inviting them onto our soil. There is a crisis in America. Please tell me how refugees from another terrorist ridden country take precedence over our service men and women who sleep on the streets every night, hungry, cold, knowing they are part of the reason you and I sleep soundly at night, free and safe. Obama is gambling with the lives, safety and welfare of the American people continuing with his plan to allow these refugees (and undoubtably a percent of radical Islamists) onto American turf. We need to take care of our own first, and find another solution to help those in true crisis overseas.



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