Bare Arms

Following the shooting in San Bernardino, gun control will again be brought up by politicians. In fact President Obama has already spoken about stricter gun laws. First things first, there is no confirmed report that the attackers are affiliated with ISIS or are radical jihadists, and that information may be unavailable until they are caught and brought to justice. However, that is always a possibility. With the state of the world we live in today, that should always be a possibility when a horrible act like this is carried out. I’m not saying the attackers had anything to do with ISIS, but if they do, that makes the issue of gun control even more irrelevant. Criminals will get guns, they will take their guns into “gun-free zones”, and they will carry out these attacks if they so wish. Being the (future) gun-toting hillbilly I am, I have looked into California gun laws. It is damn near impossible to get a concealed weapons permit to carry here. I will be able to get a gun when I turn 21, but it will never see anywhere except the inside of my house. Now, I am a cops daughter. I am a law-abiding citizen, and my father has and will teach me how to be a responsible gun owner. But, I am unable to get a permit to take my gun anywhere, where I could potentially have the opportunity to defend myself and others. This goes for any gun owner without the ability to carry. Those criminals will bring their guns places without concealed weapons permits. No one will be able to defend themselves. I understand the arguments on restricting WHO can get guns. Especially the mentally ill. And I agree with those arguments. Mental illness needs to be higher on the governments priority list. At the end of the day, a criminal who wants a gun will figure out how to get a gun. How does more gun control and stricter gun laws stop these random acts of violence that we see in the United States? The answer is that they won’t. In theory they will, but in reality there is a black market, and someone wanting to carry out these acts of violence will take their illegal guns into gun-free zones. Unfortunately, they will not be able to be stopped by a responsible gun owner who could save lives because of strict laws placed on guns and gun owners. Gun “control” laws are not the answer.



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