The New USA: Stand for Nothing! We Don’t Want to Offend You.

Here I go again. My question is why aren’t the American people more pissed off about ISIS/radical jihadists? Newsflash, they are on OUR soil. They have carried out the attacks in San Bernardino already. Why aren’t we demanding more from this complacent administration? Say what you will about George W. Bush, but he valued American lives over hurting the feelings of muslims. This administration refuses to even use the words “radical Islam.” If they won’t define our enemy, how are we going to defeat our enemy? Very little to nothing is being done to defend our country, our safety, our lives. But thank God the muslims won’t be mad at us. The act of TERRORISM in San Bernardino has raised conversations about gun control and racism rather than what the real issue is. And that is our enemy, radical Islamists making it their lives mission to take innocent American lives. We need to demand more from Obama and his administration who still have yet to say the words radical Islam. This is not a Christian based issue, it’s not a Buddhist based issue, it’s not a Jewish based issue. It’s an Islam based issue so let’s call a spade a spade and worry less about coming off as racist, and care more about protecting Americans. By the way, the neighbors of the San Bernardino attackers were suspicious, but never said anything because they were worried about coming off as racist. That is what this administration has accomplished. The attorney general of the US has threatened to prosecute for “hate crimes” along the lines of racial profiling. Everyone needs to put their big boy pants on and stop taking everything so damn personally. Let’s focus on the real issues here. Let’s defend our homeland from radical Islamists. “The road to Armageddon is paved with political correctness.”



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