He Said, She Said, I Said

As I was watching FOX News Reporting special about sex and college (sexual assault) the gears in my head of course started cranking. This post I’m sure will receive pushback, as it might be my most ‘scandalous’ thus far. You’ve been warned.

Rape is real. Rape needs to be prosecuted. There is no excuse for rape, no defense, and no acceptable explanation. When it’s really rape. What do I mean by that? The feminist outcry on rape is nothing short of loud and well-known. But what are the feminists really focused on? Women, or as they make it seem, victims, and only women. I don’t need feminism to be a strong, outspoken woman. I don’t see the point of victimizing myself and every other woman along with me. Men can be sexually assaulted too, they can be raped. You know what else men can be as well? Falsely accused. Although we hardly ever sympathize for those men. Even when they are legally recognized as being falsely accused, even when “victims” come out and say that they lied.  The special on FOX was mainly about how campuses deal with these allegations of sexual assault. One young man was accused of rape (even though the young woman originally rejected a professors suggestions that she had been raped), and upon legal investigation it was found that both parties agreed to engage in sexual intercourse. End of story. Except it wasn’t. The campus took up their own non-legal investigation. In order to be found not guilty by the campus the young man was asked to provide PROOF that the woman he slept with consented. Now, pause for a second. How is anyone supposed to prove this? Should men start getting women to sign a waiver saying they agree to avoid legal trouble? Why shouldn’t the woman have to provide proof that she didn’t consent? That seems ridiculous to me. He was eventually found guilty by his campus largely to do with the fact that he gave her a piece of gum. To the campus, this piece of gum that she asked for proved that the young woman was far too intoxicated to consent. It was (also intoxicated) John Doe’s responsibility to decide she was too drunk to have sex. Why does only the woman’s intoxication level matter now? The young man was expelled from the college and his transcripts made it very clear that he was expelled due to sexual assault even though he was legally innocent.

Here enters (more) of my questions. Why, as a society, are we so quick to find the males who have been accused of rape, guilty? Why is there little to no question given to the accusers? Is it because of this feminist movement? Now, before you call me a woman hating Republican please keep in mind I’m talking about stories like I previously explained. The woman accusers character is never questioned. Yet the accused, even when legally acquitted are torn down, labeled as terrible people, sexual predators. Their reputation and character permanently soiled. I don’t have all the answers but personally I believe that this is largely to do with the feminist movement happening today. So much attention is being given to women, how they’re so oppressed in America, how all women are victims of sexual assault at some point, on some level. I reject this notion. I refuse to call myself a victim simply because I’m a woman. I am strong. I am opinionated. I am outspoken. And I’m not afraid to be. I reject feminism in America because there are women in other countries who aren’t even allowed to drive, aren’t even allowed to go to school. I don’t believe all women are victims or need special feminist treatment.

I commend FOX for talking about a subject that might be considered taboo. It’s a real issue. Falsely accusing men of rape makes them the victim. And no one wants to admit that. For every woman who filed a false report, it makes it harder for real rape victims to speak out. There are young men who’s lives have been ruined over false accusations of rape, and I’m glad they got some recognition tonight. Let’s remember that women can lie. Let’s remember that men can be raped. Let’s remember that it is not the man’s responsibility solely to decide if a woman is too intoxicated to have sex. Let’s remember that regret doesn’t mean rape. Let’s also remember that there are women who are raped. There are women too traumatized to speak out, or even to lead a normal life. Let’s remember that men can be in this position too. Let’s remember that consent is mandatory and that no means no, but that sometimes there’s no way to prove consent. Asking someone to do so makes no sense.

There are two people involved in every rape accussation. Let’s not be so quick to find the accused men guilty. Let’s recognize the real victim, whoever that might be. Let’s have fair investigation. Let’s give both parties justice. Let’s not forget that justice can be an acquittal. If they are guilty, let’s persecute to the fullest extent of the law. Let’s get to the truth, and let’s stand up for the truth.



3 thoughts on “He Said, She Said, I Said

  1. Well thought out! I agree there are male victims who’ve been abused by their spouses…but won’t report because of shame or were taught not to strike back.


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