Oppression? Oh, Please.

If you are a woman living in America, you are not oppressed. There are more important things happening in the world than a #freethenipple campaign. We’re not oppressed and I don’t feel bad for anyone victimizing themselves over a gender in America and here’s why.

Women in Saudi Arabia just gained the right to vote. So that means they’re almost 100 years behind America in women’s suffrage rights. But they’re still not even close to being as free as we are. They still can’t drive cars. They can’t go anywhere without a male guardian. Do we have to ask our brothers, fathers, or husbands to accompany us on our next trip out of the house? No. They also can’t interact with men other than their relatives. They can’t wear clothes that “show off” their body or wear makeup that “shows off their beauty.” They’re not allowed to swim in any public pools used by men. Women in Saudi Arabia can’t try on clothes when they’re shopping. They can’t complete freely in sports. While it is possible for them to participate, it’s frowned upon and they must be accompanied by a male family member and still cover their bodies and faces.

Women in Yemen are only considered as half of a person in court. Women rape victims in both Saudi Arabia and Morocco can be charged with a crime or in statutory cases, be forced to marry their rapist. All over the Middle East women are forced to live by these rules. There are still women being stoned to death for cheating on their husbands. That is true oppression.

If you are a woman in America, you can work whatever job you want. You just have to work hard (same as a man who is going after the same job). You can vote, women have been able to vote in America for almost 100 years. You can drive. You can wear whatever you want to wear. You can swim in pools that are used by men. You can wear as much (or as little) makeup as you want. You have free will. If you were born in 1860 I might sympathize your oppression argument, but it’s 2015. Turn on the news, read an article, learn what happens beyond the tip of your nose. Don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself because you can’t walk around topless. That is not oppression. Just to make my point extra clear, here’s the dictionary definition of oppression: “prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control.” I sure don’t feel as though I’m treated cruelly or am  being unjustly controlled. The laws in place against women in Saudi Arabia seem to fit the definition better.

I have all the opportunity in the world because I am a woman born in America. I can speak freely. I don’t need a movement to tell me I’m strong. I’m not a victim of oppression just because I was born a woman. I choose to spend my time learning about important things, and paying attention to what is going on in my country and around the world. It’s very clear where I stand on the issues that I speak out about. And let me tell you, I would much rather have someone become informed and disagree with me, than I would have someone not be able to see beyond themselves. I would rather have someone stand up for a real cause that oppose my beliefs than have someone argue that women in America have it bad.

Do I care if I see Miley Cyrus’s nipple on Instagram? No, not really. Am I going to join an entire movement about how unjust it is that I can’t see Miley’s nipple on Instagram? Absolutely not. Because there are so many important issues to care about. Learn how women in other countries have it. Research what’s happening at Planned Parenthood. Realize that the San Bernardino shooters were radicalized Islamists who pose a real threat to us and our families on our homeland (you can read my post about that here). Learn about the Syrian refugee crisis (my post here). Take a stance on gun control, even if it is against mine. Use isidewith.com to determine which candidate of either party your views agree with most, and then vote!

If you’re a woman who was lucky enough to be born in the good ol’ US of A, you are the farthest thing from oppressed. Put down your free the nipple sign and go kick some butt for something that matters. Don’t fall into the feminist mindset that you’re a victim because you’re a woman. You reside in the land of opportunity. So make it count. And learn about what real oppression is. I’m sure you’d change your mind about it if you were forced to live in conditions like those in Saudi Arabia. It’s not too late to change your mind.



One thought on “Oppression? Oh, Please.

  1. Hello Hannah! My name is Bethany, I’m Lynette’s cousin. She told me that she texted you that I would be contacting you. You are an amazing and gifted writer, with insights that I only wish more millenials shared! I hope you receive this reply, my e-mail will be posted when I log in to post this. So feel free toco tact me! I would love to meet you one day! I understand you a neighbor, I’m in Costa Mesa, right over the hill from Huntington Beach!


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