Red Millennial’s GOP

A friend shared this video with me recently that showed young republicans talking about our party. There were good points made, and I’d like to share my thoughts on the future of our party. When non-republicans think of a ‘republican’ there are stereotypes attached. Some typical ones that come to mind for me are old, white, rich, Christian, judgmental, homophobic, stuffy, Sperry Topsiders and country clubs, etc. Or on the other end, redneck, Confederate flag flying, southern racists. You understand where I’m going with this. While I was not involved with politics when those might have been ‘average’ republicans (if either were ever an average republican, I could be guilty of stereotyping the past of my party) I believe that the party is changing, has changed. The millennial republicans are ready to take over. We’re ready to show America what our party is really about and what we stand for. We are not close-minded. The video states that 56% of millennial republicans are FOR same-sex marriage; a notion that is stereotypically wholly rejected by “old” republicans. I’m one of those new age, for same-sex marriage republicans. I think that that number will only grow. The gay community is becoming more widely accepted every day. In my opinion, homophobia has little to do with what party you belong to, and much to do with the time in history that our parents and grandparents lived in. The gay community was scientifically prejudiced against with the break out of HIV, it was believed to be the “gay disease.” When scientists everywhere put this out as fact, when the gay community was forced to hide in the shadows (much like inter-racial couples in the early-mid 1900’s) how could the general public not form a prejudice? Homophobia is dying out as an old ideal that was based on the time period the gay community started receiving recognition. With the wider acceptance of gay/lesbian/bisexual/transsexual Americans, I believe it’s only a matter of time before this is not a political issue at all. I believe that a gay person is a person. They should have no legal restrictions based on whom they love, that is archaic and really makes no sense. No one should impose their own beliefs on anyone, or make laws based on their own beliefs. For those who argue that marriage is “one man, one woman” here’s what I have to say. Are you a Christian? If so, that is where you draw this idea from (most likely). Now, our country was founded on a few ideals that I believe should still be in place today. One of those is separation of church and state. Legally restricting someone from marrying whom they wish to marry because of a religious belief is NOT separating church and state. It’s mashing them together into one unfair policy. How does that make sense?

Caitlyn Jenner, a transsexual woman made it clear to Barbara Walters that she is a republican. Barbara was shocked because this (stereotypically) is against what republicans believe. I believe that Caitlyn could be a great republican voice for our party, however unfortunately I don’t think she will be speaking out much on politics, given her family, fame, and place in the public eye. It is up to us red millennials to let America know that the vast majority of us are not homophobic. The older generation(s) of republicans don’t stand for all of our new ideals. The younger generation will retire archaic beliefs and speak out on what we do believe in. We will make it known that we are accepting, hard working, fair, and open-minded. We will make it known that young republicans come from all walks of life. We’re made up of all races, all religions, all sexual orientations, all socio-economic statuses. We will put to rest the stereotypes of the GOP. We will let America know why we are proud to be republicans. We will ensure that we become the Grand Old Party once again.



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