Yet Another Clinton Scandal

A friend drew my attention to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal recently. I knew nothing about it so I read up. For those of you who don’t know, Jeffery Epstein is a billionaire (and a huge donor to the Democratic party and the Clinton foundation) who has been accused of having sex with girls as young as twelve, and is now a convicted sex offender. He owns a private island and a private jet that has had none other than Bill Clinton aboard. In fact Clinton has been on board more than a dozen times, to visit Epstein’s private island (occasionally referred to as “Orgy Island”) in the Caribbean. Logbooks from the plane show that Clinton flew alongside a woman who is believed to have procured underage girls into sex with Epstein and others. Epstein essentially had young, underage girls working for him and his friends as teenage sex slaves. Whether Clinton was a friend who participated in these activities can only be speculated. But knowing Bill Clinton as we do, would it come as a surprise if he were involved in this sex trafficking ring? Even if he didn’t participate in sex, he was sure to know what activities were taking place seeing as he visited Epstein’s island over a dozen times, making him just as guilty as someone actually having sex with these young girls. Clinton might now be subpoenaed into testifying against his friend Epstein.

Here enter my questions. Where is the media coverage on this topic? It’s no secret that I don’t shy away from the political news of the world but I hadn’t heard anything about it until I was told about it. If right wing conservatives do bring it up, we become left hating extremists who want to smear Hillary’s campaign. I see this as a huge hypocrisy. If Carly Fiorina’s husband was very good friends with someone like Epstein (although this is a loose comparison, Frank Fiorina has never been president nor been publically recognized for previous sexual lewdness) his name would be plastered all over CNN and every other liberal media outlet. He’d be dragged through the mud and Carly’s chances of ever becoming president would dwindle away to nothing. In the aspect of Clinton’s involvement with this heinous situation, why is the media asking no questions? Why is Bill Clinton not being forced to answer to his friendship with such a despicable sexual predator? His secret service records for his travels to Epstein’s island now have to be obtained by federal court because the information is not being freely given. Is this not a huge red flag that he is guilty of something?

The Clintons plain and simply believe that they live above the law; Hillary’s email debacle for example. They don’t take into consideration the consequences of their actions because very simply, there are none. When has a Clinton ever received more than a slap on the wrist, no matter how wretched their offenses? I’m sure both Hillary and Bill are just waiting this scandal out, until it disappears under the rug and no one speaks of it anymore. I doubt they are worried about the effect it could have on Hillary’s campaign, because no one knows about what’s going on. I find it sick that Hillary still stands by her husband despite his past wrongdoings. Most likely she stayed to further her own political career. I would love it if this situation caused her decision to blow up in her face, bringing irreparable damage (and completely opposite intended outcomes) to what’s left of her political “career.” The sad part is, without us demanding to know the truth, she will suffer no tangible consequences, and neither will Bill. This is wrong on so many levels. Bill Clinton should have to answer for what he did and/or saw on his many trips to the island. ESPECIALLY when the secret service is accompanying him. The taxpayer-funded secret service is not to be used to cover up sexual escapades of an immoral ex-president. Americans (and the media) need to be asking questions, and asking the right questions about the Clinton’s involvement in this disgusting sexual abuse. The Clintons deserve more than a slap on the wrist this time. And not just because they are Clintons, but because what took place on Jeffery Epstein’s island is a nauseating abuse of power, money, and control over young abused girls. No one should get away with having any involvement in that.



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