There’s No Crying In Politics

So I have remained silent about the infamous Donald because I had yet to figure out my stance on him. Recent events have pushed me more one way than another. Trump’s decision to not participate in the FOX Republican debate this Thursday night came as a surprise to me. He’s been center stage in every debate thus far, and the Iowa caucus is only five days a way. If I were running for president (still trying to win the candidacy) and the first state was making their decision for which candidate they want in less than a week, I think I’d take every opportunity to tell the voters why I deserve to be president. Trump hasn’t been shy on making any of his stances known. We all know he is outspoken, says what he wants to say with no fear of the repercussions, and is not running his campaign being bought by the voters (or anyone else for that matter). I can respect his disregard for political correctness and I do think he is an intelligent man. I am not a die hard Trumpite backing everything he says no matter how much controversy it raises. Frankly, I don’t believe that the “scandalous” things that have come out of Trump’s mouth and made headlines matter. I think the people who love him love him because he says it like it is and the people who hate him hate him because he isn’t afraid to hurt anyone’s feelings. And the number of people who get their feelings hurt over anti-PC keeps growing (unfortunately). I try to disregard the issues that arise from the silly (but sometimes true) things that cross The Donald’s lips and try to focus more on his actual policies and how he plans to “Make America Great Again.” So far, I haven’t seen any real, tangible solutions. I know he wants to destroy ISIS (as I’m sure 99% of the Republican Party does) but does he have an actual plan? What are the real steps he’s going to take to repeal and replace Obamacare? How does he plan to make Mexico pay for this wall he wants to build? How does he realistically plan to send all the illegal immigrants home and then legally let them back in? Don’t get me wrong I would love to see all of these ideas implemented, but Trump can’t seem to have any real answers as to how he plans on making all of these pipe dreams a reality. I see no concrete blueprint. I was watching bits of an interview Trump did with Wolf Blitzer, and when he was asked how he would destroy ISIS all Trump had to say was that he wants it to be a surprise. He doesn’t want to give away the secrets on how he’s going to obliterate this evil terrorist group. As a voter, this just comes across to me as he has no idea HOW he’s going to do it, he just wants to do it. That makes Trump’s plan no more legitimate than my own if all he can say is that he wants to destroy them, but gives no real plan on how that will actually happen. I think Mr. Trump is underestimating everything that goes into making decisions that run a country. He has some good insights but no explanations on how he’ll follow through with his promises.

Now, back to his decision to skip the FOX debate Thursday night. He claims that because Megyn Kelly one out of the three moderators, he feels the questions won’t be fair because she has a bias towards him that she can’t hide. He also claims that FOX (and the other debates) has used him as entertainment and should not be able to make money based on him attending the debate. To me, this all seems like a big temper tantrum thrown by Mr. Trump. As a voter it seems like he is scared of the questions he might be asked, therefore he’d rather sit at home and pout than face some scrutiny. Trump skipping out on this debate has dominated the news, questioning every reason why he said no, analyzing his reasons. I think everyone should take it with a grain of salt and talk about who WILL be on stage at the debate. The Republican Party still has a huge pool of potential candidates who have all been overshadowed by Trump. It’s been hard for me to determine whose policies I agree with most because the news has been all about Trump. The debates have been all about Trump. I look at this Trumpless debate as a huge opportunity to see where the other candidates stand on issues that matter to me. An opportunity to see how they plan to implement their policies and how each candidate differs from one another rather than how they differ from Trump.

I think that Trump has been an asset to this election so far because he has raised points about issues that candidates who have to please everyone to keep their campaigns alive cannot. But I do not think he is the right candidate for the GOP. We have a big group of good republican potentials to choose from and I hope that this debate sans The Donald will allow for America to hear what the other candidate’s plans for the future of our country entail. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a president who is going to sit out of a huge event because he doesn’t like the moderator. I don’t want a president who is going to be scared that the questions he’s going to be asked are unfair. Because if he actually became the president, those qualities could mean disaster. Donald Trump would have to answer to the entire world, not just Megyn Kelly. And he couldn’t decide to sit out of a major event because it wasn’t fair to him. His decision to skip the debate can be compared to a bratty teenager who locks themselves in their room because life is just so unfair. That is not a man I want running my country. I want someone who will stand up and face our opponents with a strong plan and a clear head. Someone who won’t get their feelings hurt. Someone confident enough in themselves that they can stand at the head of the world’s leading nation and go forth with gusto. He can’t lock himself in the Oval Office because ISIS or Russia or North Korea is being ‘unfair’. He needs to be able to stand in front of the world and let it be known that he, along with the people of America, will not back down or cower in the face of adversity. That is the kind of leader we need. Hopefully with Trump’s childish decision, the people of America will be able to better determine who they believe that person is watching the debate Thursday night. I hope it will give a chance for the other candidates policies to be made clear without the shadow of Donald Trump.



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