My Letter to Mr. Trump – A Plea to Not Run Third Party

Fresh out of the Iowa caucuses and a week away from the New Hampshire primaries, the election is officially in full swing. This has raised more than a few thoughts for me (so typical). First off I’d like to officially declare I’m backing Marco Rubio. His success in Iowa declared him the winner for me even though he came in third. I love his message and I am fully standing behind him to become the Republican nominee (and president obviously). More on that in a later post. My real reason for this post is the possibility that Trump would run as an independent if he does not win the nomination. He signed a “pledge” that he would fully support the Republican Party should he not become the nominee, but since then has said that he’s not ruling it out. Also, the “pledge” is in no way legally enforceable or binding. He hasn’t addressed the issue (that I’m aware of) since the end of last year, but I don’t think it’s something that should exit our minds as conservatives. This election year thus far has been crazy, and has only gotten crazier since Iowa. A friend reminded me of the real possibility that Trump could run as an independent. This possibility had sort of exited my mind but I realize now it shouldn’t have. Especially after Trump’s temper tantrum about the FOX debate. I would not put it past Mr. Trump to have a bruised ego should a different candidate win the nomination, and make a rash decision like running as an independent. His reasoning for potentially taking that route was if he felt he was not treated with the respect he deserves in this race. That was also his excuse for sitting out of the last debate. This seems much more of an ego based decision rather than a logical decision for what is best for the future of America. Now that I’ve broken my silence on Trump it’s no secret that I don’t think he’s the correct potential nominee. Realistically, Trump would have to make the decision to run as an independent by early March (so the clock is ticking). It would require a lot of signatures, and fast, to get on the ballots in each state. It would also require a lot of money. Whether Trump would use his own money, or start running a voter funded campaign would be a question to be answered should he cross over to Party No. 3. It is obviously still VERY early in the caucuses/primaries and it’s still anyone’s game, but only time will tell. Now, let’s think about the real consequences should Trump run as a third party.

Currently, it seems as though the Democratic Party is very divided between Sanders and Clinton. Last night at the caucus, Sanders supporters were caught on tape in the masses booing and chanting during Hillary’s speech. They were chanting “she’s a liar!” as her speech was playing on the projection screens. I do wholeheartedly agree with them, it’s undeniable that Hillary is a liar. This is also very good news for us Republicans entering the general election. While it’s still way too early to know, I am banking on the hope that Trump will not be the nominee. I am also rooting for Hillary to become the democratic nominee (I don’t really think this is an issue, unless she is indicted). The Democratic Party is completely divided. Those Bernie supporters chanting against Hillary are not going to show up to vote for her. It doesn’t necessarily mean they will show up to vote Republican, but maybe they will just stay home. This gives the GOP a great upper hand. Should we choose a strong nominee (to me it’s looking like a three man race now, so that’s what I’m basing my thoughts on) we should have all the chance in the world if a good chunk of Hillary-hating-Democrats don’t show up to the voting booths. Cruz, Trump, and Rubio all gained the highest number of votes in Iowa Republican caucus history. To me, this is a great sign. Republicans are showing up to vote. They are letting everyone know that we are tired of the administration of the last seven years and we’re ready for a strong Republican to lead our country back to greatness (no this isn’t a reference to Donald’s “Make America Great Again” slogan). Should Hillary win the Democratic nomination, and either Cruz or Rubio win the Republican nomination, I think we’d take the White House without a question. Here enters the issue of Donald running third party. The Democrats are not united. They are very much split down the middle, giving us the upper hand. If Donald cares about the Republican party, and truly wants us to take the White House, he would graciously accept defeat and back whoever is elected nominee knowing a Republican president will do leaps and bounds for our country. He would realize the divide of the Democratic Party and understand that gives Republicans the best chance at the White House in years and years.

However, knowing Trump as the overgrown egocentric child he’s proven to be, the potential for him to make a drastic move such as running third party would come as no surprise. This would spell disaster for the Republican Party. It would essentially divide us (even if it’s not 50/50) and allow for Hillary (or god forbid Bernie) to waltz right into the White House. We cannot split the vote in the general election. We have to support and rally behind whoever the nominee may be if we don’t want another four years of Obama’s ludicrous policies to be carried out by the Clinton Machine. In the worst case scenario we could lose the White House to a 74 year old socialist. Should Cruz or (hopefully) Rubio win the nomination, and Trump accepts his fate, I have no doubt Republicans all across America will unite to take back Washington and fix the many issues Obama has created over the past seven years. I know it is all too early to tell. I also know that we have no idea what The Donald would actually do should he not be victorious in the nomination. But here is my public plea.

Mr. Trump,

Should you not win the nomination, please just accept defeat. Please don’t have your ego bruised to the point where you make a dreadful mistake that will negatively affect our party and our country. I understand that you would love to be president. You’re doing well in the polls but not all of your supporters show up to vote for you. This would be the same in the general election should you run as an independent. Please look at the historical facts. I don’t care if you’re Donald Trump, no independent has ever won an election. The Democratic Party is split between a liar and a socialist, and those Democrats who despise the likely nominee (the liar) will not show up to vote for her. We have a huge -bigger than huge- chance to win the general election. Please don’t jeopardize that because of your ego. Please don’t take it as the Republican Party, or the media, or the voters disrespecting you should you not with the nomination. Take it as though we see someone better qualified to lead our nation with conservative ideals and turn our country around. It’s not a personal attack against you, it’s We the People speaking out on what we think is right. Should you not win the nomination, no one is being mean to you, disrespecting you, or being unfair. This is politics. Do not act like a teenager who didn’t get the new iPhone for Christmas, and try to make a point by getting on the ballots as third party. You will do no one any favors. You will divide the Republican Party and you will be handing the presidency to either Hillary or Bernie wrapped in a bow. We must stand united as conservatives, no matter who is our nominee. If you become that nominee I will stand behind you as well. Please do not pull a FOX debate move and have a tantrum. Please realize the repercussions this potential decision would have on Americans and realize it’s the wrong decision in every way. If you truly care about the Republican Party, you will stay off the ballots as an independent. Do us all a favor and sit it out if Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio gain the support of the American people. I believe in the future of our party, I believe that we can beat Hillary (or Sanders), but we have to do it together. Please don’t rob us from the White House. Please allow us to take back America, stand up for the Constitution, and fix our country AS ONE.



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