Miss You, Marco

While it didn’t come as a huge surprise when Marco Rubio suspended his campaign, it was still a huge blow to this election. I may or may not have shed a tear or two during his speech after he was not successful in winning the Florida primary. The question I asked myself after Rubio was no longer an option was ‘who am I going to vote for now?’ Rubio was my #1 choice by a landslide, and any of the other candidates are just settling. The republicans have to win the general election so how, as We The People will we make that happen? Who will have the greater chance of beating Hillary? It’s no secret that I don’t believe Trump is the right candidate. Right now it is completely unclear whether Trump will get the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination. If he fails to do so it will lead to a contested convention (read about how that works here) making this crazy election even crazier. This is now a two man race between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in acquiring the proper number of delegates. As of today (3/30) Trump has 736 delegates and Cruz has 463. Keep in mind that Marco is still holding onto his 171 delegates in an effort to prevent Trump from reaching the 1,237, at least through a first ballot. At this point I want to look at the issues, and who draws more parallels to my beloved Marco Rubio. Using one of my favorite political sites isidewith.com I compared Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and then of course, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. Right off the bat (and to no surprise) the list of things Rubio and Trump disagree on is more extensive than Rubio vs. Cruz. A huge difference that sticks out to me is that Trump wants to raise taxes on the wealthy while both Cruz and Rubio are opposed. This seems like somewhat of a leftist opinion, no? As a whole on defense and international issues, Ted Cruz is the most conservative, Rubio a close second, and Trump is a hard last. On another comparative site I used a number system is used to rate the candidates on the issues and how conservative they are, and then compares those numbers. As I just mentioned, Ted Cruz came in as most conservative with a rating of 10, Rubio with a rating of 9, and Trump with a measly rating of 1. On economic issues (including that of taxes) Cruz ranks again as most conservative with a 10, Rubio with a 5, and Trump with a 4. Domestic issues (such as Obamacare, crime and punishment, and the second amendment) Rubio is rated at 8, Cruz at 7, and Trump again coming in least conservative with a rating of 6.

In full, Cruz is a more traditional conservative than Rubio. On the issues, he is substantially more conservative than Trump. Trump holds some very leftist opinions, that is undeniable. But the question is will that hurt or help him if he wins the nomination? Will he be able to appeal to the undecided, or even to some democrats? Will he be able to stand up against Hillary Clinton and be victorious? Right now the answer is no. He is behind in every major poll. They are all saying he will not be able to beat Hillary in the general election. Now, if Cruz (by some act of God, or a contested convention) wins the nomination will he be able to defeat Hillary? Will he be too conservative to appeal to those in the middle of the road? As of now some (but few) polls say that Cruz has a chance of beating Hillary. He is not behind by as many points as Trump in the polls that he is losing. What if it does come to a contested convention and an entirely different candidate wins the nomination? Only time will tell. I am not here to tell you who to vote for, I am just here to lay out the facts and give my opinion. As always I encourage you to get informed, use isidewith, and see who you agree with most. Most importantly I encourage you to go VOTE! Look up when the caucuses or primary takes place in your state and get involved. Because we can complain all day long but if we don’t get out there and cast our vote, our opinions, rants, and complaints are all in vain.

Now that Rubio is out of the race (and has counted himself out even to become VP…sad day) I will be voting for Ted Cruz in the Oregon primary which will take place on May 17th. Ted Cruz stands for the conservative ideals that I find so important, and out of the two viable candidates left, more closely parallels Rubio. Overall I still believe that Trump is the absolute wrong candidate to represent our party, our beliefs, and our need to take back the White House. Whether Trump wins the nomination or not is still up in the air, but we still have a chance to make our voices heard. If you are like me and were heartbroken when Rubio bowed out, my opinion is that Ted Cruz is the next best thing. It’s time to put a true conservative in the White House and as of today, Cruz has the best chance of making that happen. This election can only get crazier, so buckle up for the ride, never be meek, and stand up for what you believe.



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