Why I’m Scared For My Generation: Part 2

This video absolutely blows my mind. It is even more embarrassing that these Bernie “supporters” attend the University of Oregon. They all like Bernie yet not a single one of them can intelligently answer a question about his policies. My guess is that they hear “free college” and jump on board. The problem is that none of them think of the implications, economics, or consequences of Bernie’s government programs and plans. They all have one thing in common, they fail to answer the questions WHY and HOW will these policies (well, the ones that they do know, not just answer “uhhhh I don’t really know” to) will be applied in the real world. I know I touched on these points in my Why I’m Scared For My Generation piece, but I had to have a second run at it after seeing this video.

The best (of the worst) quote for me is “it’s not fair to have people that are just filthy rich…ya know?” I have so many questions for this girl, I’d give a lot to sit down with her and just ask her some of them. First, why is it unfair for there to be people who are filthy rich? Is it unfair because you aren’t also filthy rich? Or is it unfair that they aren’t obligated to share their wealth with you? If she is like most (all) Bernie supporters, she believes in taxing these wealthy people at an obscene amount. For all intents and purposes, lets say 70%. So, I have another question for her. If you worked hard, put in your due time, and worked your way up to that 70% tax bracket, would you be completely happy paying it? Would you have any complaints about handing the government 70% of your hard earned money? Not such an easy question to answer is it? Watters also asks her, “isn’t being filthy rich the American dream?” to which she replies, no, not anymore. When I think of the American dream, I think exactly what Watters does. Working hard and making a successful living for yourself, because you CAN. Because we do live in a capitalist country, because we have the freedom and opportunity to make a great life for ourselves and our families. That is a beautiful thing! When did that become a bad thing? When did having the ability to work hard, make your dreams come true, and make a good living become “unfair”? Now I have a proposition for this girl. If you are happy not being wealthy, all the power to you! No one says you have to work towards that goal, we all have different goals. Live your life, girl. BUT do not say it’s unfair that they are wealthy and you are not. Those who are wealthy are in no way obligated to financially help/support you just because you do not chase the same ‘American Dream’. Those who worked hard for their money do not have to pay your way because you don’t want to work hard enough or long enough to be where they are. If you are happy where you are at, then be there! Work the job that gets you by, but do NOT expect a handout from anyone. You do not deserve a handout simply because they are rich and you are not.

We live in a country that allows you to work as hard as you want, to be wealthy if you do work hard enough. The government is not Robin Hood. They should not steal from the rich and give to the poor. I fully believe in helping those who are down and out. Truly down and out. IF they are willing and able to help themselves as well. I do not believe in condoning the lazy, the self-centered, or the many others just like this girl who just feel that it is “unfair” that those who work hard are rewarded. It is very scary to me, as a hardworking, conservative twenty-something that socialism is becoming an acceptable route for this country to take. That a socialist (democratic socialist or not) is running for president and not getting laughed at. That socialism appeals to those in my generation because everyone wants someone else to do the work for them. Where did the desire to work hard and make yourself successful go? Why should we hinder mankind’s natural instinct to thrive in order to make everything “fair?” The burning question I have and the one I cannot answer is where did this thinking come from? And why has it become acceptable, encouraged even? It seems as though that it has stemmed from my generation, and it has spread far and wide. Are there really that many young people not willing to work as hard as our parents and grandparents did to provide for ourselves and our families?

I cannot stress enough how dangerous this mindset is. I cannot stress enough that socialism will never work. I cannot stress enough that America will not be able to lead the world as a free and great nation with a socialist government. This transition to this self-centered, it’s-unfair-because-you-have-more-money-than-me, new-aged mindset is a slippery slope and if we do not stop it soon, we will destroy this country that is loved by so many. We can stop it, little by little. But those who think like me must stand together to shed light on the truth. Ask a Bernie supporting friend why and how do they support this man? Make them think, and as a result, second guess their thinking. If so many people want socialism they can move to a socialistic country. But I love America in all her capitalist glory. I love that we can make as much-or as little-of ourselves as we want. I love that I can work hard and make myself a millionaire. I don’t want those traditional American ideals to die out. Because then what makes America different than any other country? What gives us the right and ability to lead the world with strong hearts, honorable morals, respect from our allies, and fear from our enemies? We need to maintain the America that encourages and welcomes those who want to chase the American dream, not condones laziness and mediocrity. As a the great Ronald Reagan once said, “America is too great for small dreams.”



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