We The People, Not We The Establishment

Just when we thought election 2016 couldn’t get any crazier, it did folks. In case you haven’t heard, Kasich and Cruz have vowed to join forces to prevent Donald Trump from obtaining the 1237 delegates needed to award him the GOP nomination. I’ve heard mixed opinions about what people think of this effort that’s being made. I have heard people calling Cruz and Kasich out, saying them joining forces is corrupt, and I’ve heard people rallying behind them. It all boils down to your opinion of The Donald. Do I think that Cruz and Kasich are playing dirty joining forces? Maybe a little bit. But that’s what politics is, and there are dirtier things happening in politics. However, I do think it could get to the point where it is corrupt. Do I think it’s right? Absolutely not.

First of all, I’ve said from the beginning that I would back the GOP nominee, no matter who it is in the end. I stand firm in that statement. Yes, even if it is Trump. (For the record, I am NOT anti-Trump. I just have some criticisms for him, as I do all the candidates since Rubio suspended.) If you are a true conservative, who wants to keep Hillary out of the White House, shouldn’t you do the same? We will only win if we unite to prevent the Clinton Machine from steamrolling our chances at the White House. If either Cruz or Kasich still had a mathematically possible chance at obtaining the magic number of delegates I don’t think I would see a problem with them joining forces to make that happen. However, they don’t. I have a problem with their promise because they are simply trying to prevent the candidate who is in first place from winning. If the people have spoken, and the people pick Donald Trump, then who are Cruz and Kasich to decide the people didn’t make the right choice? Does our constitution not start with those three precious words, “We The People”? If the people choose a non-establishment candidate, who says the establishment has the right to override our voices? My issue with Cruz and Kasich’s plan is the hinderance they place on the democracy and the egos they must have to try and steer the voting system to do what they think is best. Does our party no longer have the liberty to make our voices heard? Before you say democracy is a slave to the majority (which is an entirely different philosophical issue) I just want to say that we have picked our last 44 presidencies using this system, so why should it change now? If Donald Trump has gained the support and VOTES (most importantly) to secure the nomination who is anyone to say he doesn’t deserve it? The people will have spoken. The base of this country is the voice of the people, not the voice of the government. That liberty is something I will fight for as long as I live, because it is the right and noble way of our country.

Donald has naysayers spread far and wide. But so did Obama. Yet, as citizens we respected the people’s choice when he was voted into office. Because he won the people’s votes, and no matter how much we despise him, we are not entitled to try to tweak the system to our favor. We endured eight years of his presidency because that is how democracy works. If Donald wins the nomination fair and square, by the book, no one has the right to argue that. You can hate him with a passion but there would be no denying that he won the support and the votes, therefore the system is fair.

I fear the ridicule the Republican Party will face should we try to silence the people who have spoken. I fear the future of our country if we cannot stand behind our GOP nominee as conservatives, as one, to prevent the downfall of our great nation. Since 1776 we have been We The People, and no one has the right to soften our voice to swing into the establishments favor. If Trump wins the candidacy we should embrace him as our own, and do everything we can to take the White House back from the Democrats scheme that spells sure disaster. Cruz, Kasich, I respect your actions as far as acting on what you think is right for the party. However, do not think that you can silence our voices to make this election favorable to you. If Trump wins, bow out with pride, not with a scene. Respect the democracy, listen to the people, and fight the next battle against the liberal agenda, not against our own party. Stand WITH us, not against us, and we will be triumphant.



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