Memorial Day is More Than a Long Weekend

Happy Memorial Day everyone! This weekend is the perfect weekend to remember the great country we live in and more importantly, HOW we got here. We got here because of the brave servicemen and women who have fought and died for our freedom. 

Walking through the mall this weekend (away at a volleyball tournament), I saw numerous stores advertising “long weekend sales.” This bothered me deeply. No mention of our fallen heroes, no mention of Memorial Day, no mention of what it truly means.

While many take advantage of the Buy One Get One sales at the mall, I’d like to remind us all of the greater meaning of this weekend. Memorial Day pays homage to the 18 year old boy who left home to fight the good fight, and never made it back. It’s for the husband with the pregnant wife whose baby never got to meet her father. It’s for the mother who left her two children to fight for you and me, and never came home. It’s for the grieving parents who remember their son with great sorrow but with great pride, knowing he died fighting for what was right. It’s for the new mother who is now raising a baby on her own, spending this weekend at the cemetery with a blanket, a picture, and a tombstone. It’s for the children who fall asleep each night not yet understanding why their mommy won’t ever be home again to tuck them into bed. This weekend is to remember, celebrate, and pay respects to those who gave up their lives to protect the freedom of the country they love. To protect the freedom of the grateful and the ungrateful. To protect the freedom of you and me. They died for what they believe in and there is nothing braver than that. 

This country is straying from patriotism, becoming less grateful for those who have died to protect the very things we take for granted. We are forgetting that our grandfathers, our parents, and our friends have been willing to make this sacrifice. They are willing to fight the fight that so many aren’t, or can’t. The fight that is far from over. Many more brave souls will die for our freedom. We must not allow those lives to be lost in vain. We have to be patriotic to a fault, remember the sacrifice that allows us to live the way we do, and respect those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep this country free and great. Let’s not get so caught up in the long weekend that we forget what it’s for. Take the time to think about the family that is left behind, and the loved one they are now without. Say a prayer, visit a cemetery, or even post on Facebook and remind your friends the true meaning behind their day off of work. The second we forget and fail to bow our heads is the moment that all of those deaths are in vain. Don’t allow that to happen. Stand firm and proud in what is right, just as many have before us, and for us, and understand where your freedom has come from. Freedom is not free. God bless all the fallen servicemen and women, God bless their families, and God bless America. Happy Memorial Day. 



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