A Nation Divided, A Nation Decided

If you are reading this, it is safe to assume you know that last night, we as Americans elected Donald J. Trump to be the 45th president of the United States. Not only did Republicans secure the presidency, we also secured majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. The last time all three were red was in 1928, and I could not be prouder of the American people.

To say that I am still in shock from last night’s election results is an understatement. This election is historic, and we all got to be a part of it. Donald Trump, a self-made, non-politician billionaire went up against the Clinton Machine–and he won. No matter your feelings towards this election, respect and admiration must go to Trump regarding the sheer fact he did what everyone said he could not. Throughout the entire election, Donald Trump had every odd stacked against him; but the polls were wrong, the media was wrong, the establishment was wrong. America believes in Donald Trump, and they elected him to be the leader of the free world. As the political fiend I am, I rejoice in the fact that we made the choice as Americans to give the office to a man who did the impossible.

The celebration in my mind and on my platforms continues, however beginning last night and carrying well into today, the opposition to the decision our great nation made has been loud and clear. I’ve seen so much hate, so many explicitly worded tweets wishing ill upon Trump and his supporters, protestors chanting “f*** Donald Trump”, all from those who were #withher. The Democratic Party preaches so much about acceptance and tolerance, but it seems they only accept and tolerate those who agree with them. Democrats have accused and condemned Trump for being full of hate but now have it seeping out of their pores, spilling it over onto their Facebook feeds. The fact is that the votes were cast and counted, and Trump won fair and square. For those who maintain their unwavering support of Hillary Clinton, I have a few things to say. Hillary was never indicted for her offenses, despite the fact that she has been under federal investigation multiple times. Last night, America was her judge and jury. America decided that she was guilty, and that she was not fit to hold the highest office in the entire world. America saw through the minimization of Hillary’s offenses through the media, through her own campaign, and through her supporters. We held her accountable for her actions and refused to allow her corruption to go on any longer. America saw her for what she is, and we refused to turn a blind eye to what she has done. We did it for every deleted email, for each life lost in Benghazi, for every lie she told to the FBI, for every one of her husband’s rape accusers she intimidated, for every offense that she has made against the citizens of America. We said no more, enough is enough, and we made the decision. If you are still #withher, that is your right, but Trump is still our President-elect. Disappointment is expected and understood, blatant disrespect is not.

I am proud of America. I am proud that we shut down the Clinton Machine, told Hillary that we would not accept her actions, and held her accountable for every misdeed that she has tried to sweep under the rug. I am proud that we maintained a grip on the Senate and the House. I am proud that the underdog was victorious. I had lost all faith in the political system before the election, but I am proud to say I have a renewed and ecstatic faith and hope in our great country and in our American people. I commend everyone who stood by Trump, even when it was difficult, and I am grateful for every single vote that paved his path to the White House. I am proud of Donald Trump for being victorious in an election where so many were sure he was predetermined to fail. I am proud of America for making our voices heard and standing behind the man we believe can lead the free world graciously, honorably, and vigorously. We have elected our leader, but this is only the beginning. Now as an American people, we must come together and work to get incredible things accomplished in the next four years. I realize that not everyone shares my enthusiasm, but whether you are celebrating his victory, still standing #withher, or couldn’t care less who won, none of us are rooting for his failure. The success of Donald Trump in the office of President of the United States is a success for every American. We are all rooting for Donald J. Trump so long as we are rooting for the triumph of America. It’s been a long road to the White House, and come January 20, 2017 the road to a greater America continues. The outcome of this election has been a breath of fresh air, the victory that the American people needed to renew their faith in the system, and a huge step in the right direction (pun intended). I will stand behind our President-elect, I believe in him, and I am a proud American today and every day. God bless America, God bless Mike Pence, and God bless our President-elect, Mr. Donald J. Trump. Let’s stand together, let’s push forward with grace, class, and optimism, and let’s continue Making America Great Again. For we have proven that together, we can do the impossible.



One thought on “A Nation Divided, A Nation Decided

  1. Well said Hannah! I am a white, millennial aged, BA holding, world traveled, woman, born in England to an American mother and English father, raised in the blue states of CA and OR, married to a black man who is a police officer and marine corps veteran, mother to three beautiful mixed race daughters, with friends of all races and sexualities, and I VOTED FOR TRUMP. I am the complete opposite to what the liberal twisted imbeciles are calling Trump supporters and it makes me sick. Thank you for standing up for those of us who love this great country and for calling out the fools who are trying to destroy it!! Keep it up girl!!


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