Here’s What I Think of Your #internationalwomensday Posts

I was unaware it was international women’s day, until I checked social media. Only then was I clued into this “holiday” that has inspired Instagram posts and tweets about #womensrights far and wide. My stance on the feminist, victim mindset is no secret, thus my distaste for it is no secret either. Along with these women’s day posts have come a slew of standing with planned parenthood posts, wage gap posts, posts explaining why women deserve to have as many abortions as they wish, and posts about how women deserve respect, liberation, and to stand up to those mean MEN. Here’s what I have to say about those women yelling and marching for “equality.” Men and women are DIFFERENT. That does not mean they are not equal. If you were truly a strong woman, no man or woman has the power to threaten that. Your so called “resisting” doesn’t make you powerful. It’s not necessary to degrade men in order to empower yourselves. Men have not waged a war on women in America. Feminists in America have waged a war on men. You don’t need to shove it in everyone’s face that you can be beautiful at a size 2 or a size 22. You don’t need to exclaim your right to abortion by chanting and tweeting “my body my choice.” What you do with your body IS your choice, but when you become pregnant that is no longer your body. That is your babies body and you don’t have a right to freely end that life because the timing is inconvenient for you. Perhaps my in depth view on abortion will come in a later post, but now is not the time. I’m simply saying your body, your choice, until you are pregnant with someone else’s body. You don’t need to declare a war against men to prove how strong you are. You don’t need to shove it down everyone’s throat that you are capable even though you are a woman. You deserve respect when you are a respectful person. Not just because you have a vagina.

As a woman I am empowered because I work hard, not because I tell people what I’m entitled to just for having a vagina. I am empowered because I carry myself with grace and respect, and silently demand respect in return. I don’t need to tell everyone I can be beautiful at any size because I am a woman. I understand that I will work as hard as any man in my profession, and I will be respected for my work ethic, rather than for my gender. I want to be known as a woman who carries herself with dignity, works for everything she has, and humbly moves forward in life expecting no special treatment. I will get out what I put in. I will understand my capabilities and limitations as a woman, and celebrate those rather than try to be everything that a man is. I will understand that men have capabilities and limitations too, and not aim to diminish those to make myself feel more powerful. I remain strong, gracious, and humble while chasing my dreams. I will march to the office and to school to make my dreams come true, instead of in a rally yelling about p***y power. I will quietly and respectfully work my ass off to empower myself, and not expect a movement to do it for me. I will exude a quiet confidence, rather than tell everyone on social media I’m strong just because I’m female.

There are things women were created to do that men cannot do, and there are things that men were created to do that women cannot do. That is what we should celebrate. We don’t have to do everything a man can do in order to prove our worth. I refuse to stand with or for a cause that aims to tear down one group of people in order for mine to feel superior. I will celebrate being a woman and all that comes with it. I truly understand that my power doesn’t come from a feminist mindset. It comes from a personal belief that I can be great because of who I am as a person, not just because of my gender. I’ll never need a movement to understand my worth, and I’ll never have anything to prove to anyone except myself. I don’t compete with men, or other women. I will build up those around me, no matter who they are. We don’t need feminism to tell us we’re great and can do anything. We need hard work, grace, respect, and drive to accomplish our goals. I don’t need international women’s day to remind me how empowered I am. I remind myself every day.

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