The Grinch Who Almost Stole Christmas

Year after year, Americans feel the increasing burden of taxes placed on them by the government. All the while our roads continue to crumble, our students continue to fall behind and our debt continues to climb. Our nation’s citizens became sick and tried of the failed big government policies coming out of Washington D.C. each year. The failure of both parties to deliver results for hardworking Americans led to the rise of our nation’s current president. 

From the start of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, hardworking Americans were drawn to the idea of a government that actually put them first. A government where the small business owner is put over the bureaucrat. A government that actually put average Americans before people from foreign lands. President Trump and the Republican Party under the Trump administration have introduced many pieces of legislation in their effort to start putting America First. One piece of legislation passed both chambers this week and will become law. 

Christmas 2017 will be remembered as the Christmas where American’s actually got a present from their government. While this may sound so strange to most of us, the government will be letting average people like you and me keep more of our hard-earned money. The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act simplifies the tax code, lowers taxes for middle income families and makes our country more attractive for business investment. This is a huge gift to the American people, but a gift that the Grinch almost stole this Christmas. 

The Grinch is the Democrat Party. Not a single Democrat voted to give the average American a tax cut. I contribute this to two main things. One, the Democrats do not want to give President Trump a “yyuuugee” win. Two, letting Americans keep more of their money goes against everything the Democrat Party stands for. We have to remember that this is the party who believes they know how to better spend your money than you do. The party who would rather line their own pockets than the pockets of struggling Americans. This is the party who believes money grows on trees and everything can be free. This is the party of Grinches. Grinches who would rather steal your Christmas presents than go work for their own.

Here’s 10 presents the Grinch wanted to steal this Christmas:

  • Tax cuts for 80% of taxpayers. (1)
  • Expanded benefits for families who save money for their child’s education. (2)
  • The repeal of the individual mandate that forced people to buy insurance. (3)
  • Lowering the corporate tax rate from the highest in the industrialized world to 21%. (4)
  • $15 minimum wage for Wells Fargo & Fifth Third Bank employees. (5)
  • $1,000 bonuses for Comcast & ATT employees. (6)
  • Increasing the standard deduction to $24,000 resulting in a simplified tax code. (7)
  • Expanded relief to Americans with medical bills. People can now deduct expenses exceeding 7.5% of their gross income. (8)
  • Expands the child tax credit by more than 50%. (9)
  • A new tax credit for non-child dependents. $500 each year. 

Grinches don’t Make Christmas Great Again. Letting hardworking Americans keep more of their money does. 











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