The Great Twitter Purge: Why it Should Matter to You

Last Monday, Twitter rolled out a new policy with updated rules about abuse and hateful conduct expressed on the platform. They vowed to permanently suspend accounts where “profile information includes violent threats and racist or sexist tropes, that incite fear, or reduce people to less than human terms.” They expand to classify “hostility against others based on race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity” as sensitive media. If you’d like to read Twitter’s whole post you can find it here. Let us say one thing first, to get it out of the way. We do not support racism. We do not support legitimately illegal activities online such as threats, harassment, and the like. And just because we are standing up for our right to be uncensored, does not mean that we agree with the people whose rights we am standing up for (yes, we do mean you too, liberals). We are standing up for one thing and one thing only: the right we have as citizens to make our voices heard, no matter what your stance, which is the driving force behind every piece on this site.
Now, here’s the problem. Since Twitter launched it has harbored the American right of free speech; including good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Twitter has been a platform for both parties to express their thoughts and feelings. Twitter’s new policy was born out of the politically turbulent time we are currently living in, in an effort to reduce and eliminate hate speech on the website. Within hours of Twitter’s announcement a flurry of online articles were published. We read roughly five of them and they ALL mentioned “Nazis”, white nationalists accounts being immediately suspended, and the question of Trump violating the rules of this new policy.
We are not oblivious to the fact that there are some groups that claim to be right winged that violate these new rules and do not stand for what the majority of our party believes in. One quick twitter search of “Twitter Purge” is flooded with tweets and headlines about alt-right and neo-Nazi pages being suspended. What has yet to be mentioned in any article we’ve read is the offenders on other side of the aisle. There are many leftists who promote hate, racism, sexism, and even violence against conservatives, most namely the self-proclaimed ‘Antifa’. We have yet to find evidence of one leftist group who has had their account suspended. Since none of these offenders have been mentioned anywhere we have found, we’d like to shed some light on alt-left Twitter.
Searching antifa accounts we stumbled across @officialantifa whose twitter header is a banner that reads “the only good fascist is a dead one.”

Call me crazy, but if a conservative account had a header containing “the only good antifa member is a dead one,” that account would be suspended based on Twitter’s new rules. As per usual, what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. The hypocrisy of the left proves time and time again to be overwhelming. They are so busy pointing fingers at conservatives whose “words hurt” that their own crimes go unpunished. We cannot allow the prosecution of one group if we are not going to hold the opposing group to the same standard, especially in a situation like this.
The issue with Twitters new policy goes beyond the blatant attack on the right wing. It was curated as a result of whiny, sensitive, crybaby snowflakes who decided that words hurt their feelings. Don’t get me wrong; true threats of violence, perjury, or direct harassment should not be supported on social media sites. But the steps Twitter is taking to censor and eliminate tweets and accounts simply based on speech that is legally protected by the first amendment is just plain wrong. We are entering a time where people are scared to express their opinions, and even banned from doing so on certain platforms. It is un-American and a direct reflection of my generations intolerance to views that do not match their own. It’s a result of the new mindset that “words hurt” and the need for millennials to be sheltered from real life in the big, scary world. Here are a couple of tips if you don’t like what you see on your feed:
  • There’s an unfollow button, use it!
  • There’s a block button, use it!
  • There’s also a world outside of social media. If tweets are hurting your feelings, put your phone down.
It’s that simple! Twitter’s new policy is taking a step from understandable control of illegal online activities to a potential overreach of free speech rights that we are protected by under our constitution. It’s a shame that my generation has led social media empires to regulate a platform that once harbored all types of opinions and views, no matter how unpleasant. We’re starting to lose hope that we will ever figure out that words are just words, and that people are allowed to think differently, without a giant temper tantrum ensuing. Regulation of speech on a formerly pro-free-expression site gives me an ominous feeling about what is to come for our country’s future. Taking a step such as this towards regulating and limiting our constitutional rights seems to push the authoritarian agenda that so many ill-informed millennials blindly support, with no real understanding of the implications that come along with such control. We want speech to be free, regulations only where absolutely necessary, and to remind everyone to simply log off if you don’t like what you read. America is great because America is free, let’s keep her that way.
– Hannah & Tanner (@proud_conservative on Instagram, @tannerstake on Twitter)

One thought on “The Great Twitter Purge: Why it Should Matter to You

  1. Very well put. But the CEO of Twitter didn’t ban all these things because he’s a liberal or a Republican. He did it because he’s a businessman, and right-wing accounts and posts disrupt his website and embarrass the company considering that most Twitter users are millennials and therefore mostly liberal. He’s just trying to keep his website stable. That’s another thing, yes the right to free speech is an amendment. But that only keeps us from being prosecuted for our opinion. It does not keep us from being banned from a private companies website. It’s unfair that the anti fascist website was not shutdown and I agree that it should be changed. But Twitter as a private company has the right to ban whoever they want.


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