With the popularity of the #HotSmartGirlsAgainstSocialism tag, I felt it was only appropriate to make this post about socialism. When I started this blog at age 18, I felt much more alone in my political views. I live in PDX, Oregon; home of the liberals. I attend Portland State, which as you can imagine is a very liberal university. Now that I have become more involved in political Twitter, I’ve realized I am most definitely not alone in my beliefs, and that unfortunately, neither are the ones who are making this push towards the acceptance and application of socialism. I have so many questions regarding this train so many are on, especially in the younger generations. When did capitalism become a dirty word? When did the opportunities we have to create successful businesses and successful lives in this country become something to fight against? When, and why, did socialism become attractive? Unfortunately, I can’t answer any of these questions.

When did capitalism become a dirty word?

The creep we have made in the socialist direction has been egged on by progressive politicians; most namely AOC and Bernie. I can honestly understand the attraction to both of them; AOC being a young woman forging her way through Congress and making her voice heard, and Bernie being the cool, likable grandpa. But that attraction ends the moment their economic policy is revealed. The politicians are pandering socialist policies, promising things they know they can’t deliver in exchange for (uninformed) votes. I would like to think that the acceptance of socialism comes from a place of misunderstanding the real repercussions, but it’s caught so much traction that it’s clear to me no one cares to understand the repercussions. People hear policy ideas (great in theory, never in practice) like universal healthcare and elimination of student debt, and they are on board. No further research, no questions about who is going to foot the bill, no criticism about implementing socialist policies in a capitalist country. The lack of critical thinking from anyone riding that train worries me and makes me fear that mass ignorance will push us in a direction that many people do understand simply does not work. Simply will never work. The young people fooled by these policies provide the votes without an understanding of the real consequences they will inevitably face if they get their way. I am not willing to put the responsibility of irresponsible promises by privileged politicians (who won’t face the repercussions) on the American taxpayer. I am not willing to work hard in order for the government to take more money out of my pocket, out of my paycheck, to realize these policies.

I am not willing to put the responsibility of irresponsible promises by privileged politicians (who won’t face the repercussions) on the American taxpayer.

The hope that we aren’t at a point of no return comes from all of the intelligent, proactive, young people who understand the dangers of socialism and the benefits of capitalism. I’m inspired knowing that even though Bernie’s popularity means we have a young people problem, there are so many of us actively fighting this movement. There are so many young people who understand that nothing good comes for free, that hard work does always pay off, and that we are each responsible for our own success (or lack thereof). We know that it is not the government (or anyone else’s) job to bail us out of poor decisions like taking out $100k plus in student loans, with no forethought of how to pay it back. We know that in order to be successful we have to put in the man hours, even when it sucks. We have to get up every morning and work our asses off in school and at work because we understand the opportunity and ability we have to live the American Dream. We understand that wanting to create a successful and comfortable life does not make us greedy capitalists. We understand that capitalist systems breed vigor, healthy competition, and inspire us to work harder than our neighbor, harder than we did yesterday. We are full of ambition and refuse to accept the mediocrity and laziness that has become so widely accepted today. I am inspired by the fight for the American Dream, and the fight against the economic policy destined to decimate that dream should we allow it to. I am inspired by every girl and every (e)boy who stands against socialism; who refuse to allow the popularity of unsustainable economic policy lead to acceptance in Washington. We are fighting the good fight and will continue to do so because our futures, our livelihoods, and our American Dreams depend on it.

2 thoughts on “#HotSmartGirlsAgainstSocialism

  1. Very well written, and so encouraging to read this from your point of view. It can be discouraging to read that so many of the younger generation are buying into the socialist lies. Thanks for speaking up and taking a stand, and also thanks for sharing your views.


  2. I’ve been reading your blog for a few hours now and I have to say I’ve never heard someone with such sensible views. Sure I don’t agree with all of your opinions and am actually quite left leaning but your opinion just makes sense. I myself am a social Liberal (minus all the safe space crap) and a fiscal Republican. It’s nice to read an opinion from someone who isn’t so far left I think they’ve fallen off the side. So just thanks.


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