Meet The Blogger

My name is Hannah Griff; preferred penname/nickname hhgriff, @yeahrightgirlhg on Twitter. I’m a writer in my mid-twenties, living in my beloved home state of Oregon after a short stint of living in Southern California. I work in law, tote guns, make a lot of jokes (and some insights) on Twitter, and never fail to offer my strong opinion. I have always been a writer, but I started taking a deeper interest in politics during the Obama administration. I started paying attention to the world around me and began writing my thoughts out on Facebook. The responses kept growing and thus, Yeahrightgirl was born in 2015 when I was eighteen.

Over the years I have fallen in love with politics/political science/political theory, and the 2016 election cemented my values and motivations to do this whole writing/politics thing. I have continued learning, researching, expanding and evolving my world views. I have been continuously inspired to share them because many find it hard to pigeonhole me into one political party – but I like it that way. I’m deeply patriotic, economically conservative, and socially left of center. I’m an independent thinker and try as you might, you won’t find that I check all of the boxes for one party or another; my beliefs all come from my personal life experiences and thorough research. I try to facilitate open dialogue about things that are hard to talk about because I believe that we all have something to learn from someone else, even across the aisle. I express what I believe and you will never see me apologize for it.

As I’ve navigated life into my mid-twenties I have learned a lot about myself, my upbringing, my mental health, my relationships, and how my life experiences have shaped not only my politics but my entire outlook on the world. Every person we encounter has their own unique story, their own intricate life full of joy and sorrow and challenges that most people will never know. Therefore in addition to my political pieces, you will find that I write a lot about my struggles with mental health, reflections on abuse I have suffered in the past, my personal spiritual journey, personal downfalls, reflections on things I have overcome in my life, and anything else happening in my life that strikes inspiration. Politics matter, but stories and humanity matter more.

I have a tattoo on my back of a closing line from an unpublished piece I wrote years ago: “For the ones that were never told.” I will always be reminded why I want to do this; the purpose of storytelling, the interconnectedness of the human experience, and my desire to share and connect through my writing. So many stories go untold, so many experiences fade into obscurity, so many meaningful thoughts and opinions go unheard. I want to do my part to tell as many stories as I can during my lifetime, for the ones that were never told.

Feel free to read through, argue with me, agree with me, ask me questions, send me an email if you so wish at, and find me on Twitter @yeahrightgirlhg.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy.

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